Cosmetic Dentistry Gallery

Dr. Kim would like to acknowledge and thank the reliable and beautiful laboratory work provided by the technicians at Shaw Dental Labs Toronto. This full-service dental laboratory is responsible for fabricating the denture, crown, bridge, implant and porcelain work you will see in these galleries. Also of great value is the "custom colourization" service provided by porcelain specialist Joanne Benninger of Shaw Labs. In any crown/veneer/bridge treatment that requires unique contour and colour characteristics of the porcelain, arrangements are made for Ms. Benninger to be present at the office when the final porcelain restorations are being inserted to ensure that the new porcelain restorations blend in perfectly with the surrounding natural teeth. Special surface staining is artistically placed on the porcelain restorations while they are in the mouth but not yet permanently cemented and the new custom colourization is then permanently "baked" onto the restoration in a portable porcelain oven.

Cosmetic Smile

Cosmetic Smile Rehabilitation


Instant Orthodontics


Whitening and Straightening

peg incisors

Correcting "Peg" (unusually small) Lateral Incisors

no prep veneer

What is a "No Prep Veneer"?

dark tooth

“Internal Whitening of the single dark front tooth

Cosmetic Rehabilitation

Cosmetic and Functional Rehabilitation

blotchy teeth

Micro-abrasion to remove the "Blotchy, white marks on my front teeth"

unsightly crowns

Replacing old unsightly crowns